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“Dakini Power” w/Special Guest Lama Tsultrim Allione

by Michaela Haas, PhD | April 18, 2013

Lama Tsultrim Allione, bestselling author of Women of Wisdom and Feeding Your Demons, joined me for the launch of my new book Dakini Power  at Diesel Bookstore, Malibu and spoke very movingly about the dakini principle, her own life, and women on the path.

Dakini Power: Twelve Extraordinary Women Shaping the Transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West is the first book to feature the biographies of the most accomplished female Tibetan Buddhist pioneers in the West. The book features twelve stories of courage, determination, and wisdom by profiling renowned teachers such as Pema Chodron, Lama Tsultrim Allione, Thubten Chodron, Roshi Joan Halifax, and others.

Michaela Haas, PhD, is an international reporter, consultant, and visiting scholar at UCSB. She has been a student of Buddhism for almost 20 years.

393 Miles from Malibu: 1st Appellate District, Court of California, Case #A134729, Disposition, Malibu Lagoon

Today, the 1st Appellate Court of the State of California handed down a decision that will soon effect all Malibuites.  The Court denied the Appellants (#A134729) petition for a stay that would once again delay the June 1 start date.  You can see the PDFs of the following documents here: Case SummaryDispositionScheduled ActionsBriefsDocketTrial Court,  Parties & Attorneys.

The Disposition reads as follows:

Appellants have filed a petition for writ of supersedeas, seeking a stay of the construction project at the Malibu Lagoon. To support such a writ, appellants must show irreparable harm and “that ‘substantial questions’ will be raised on the appeal and must explain the underlying case in a manner that ‘facially’ demonstrates the merits of these issues.” (Civil Appeals and Writs, Eisenberg, Horvitz, & Wiener, ? 7:287 [citations omitted, emphasis in original]; see also People ex rel San Francisco Bay v. Town of Emeryville (1968) 69 Cal.2d 533, 537 [power to stay should be "sparingly employed and reserved for the exceptional situation."].) The petition is denied as appellants have not met that burden; specifically, they have not demonstrated that the appeal presents an exceptional situation presenting a substantial issue on appeal that, even facially, has merit. The application by the City of Malibu to file an amicus brief is granted.

Miles from Malibu: Preserve Malibu Cash Mob #2 (video)

Saturday, May 12th is the 2nd Preserve Malibu Cash Mob presented by Preserve Malibu… enjoy the sneak peek and see if you can guess the establishments!

Preserve Malibu Cash Mob #2
Meet @ PCH X Trancus Canyon Road
Saturday 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. (new location at 4 p.m.)
Spend $20 | Meet Three New People | Have Fun

Video Credit: Directed by Sue May | Produced by  My Dog Spot Productions

21.1 Miles from Malibu: Andy Weber, Photo Essay

Andy Weber, world-renowned Tibetan Thangka master painter, visited the Los Angeles area this past weekend. This posting features a photo essay of Weber, his students, and their art work during the two-day class on Tibetan Thangka painting. Weber, hosted by Asian Classics Institute of Los Angeles (ACI-LA), directed by a Lama Marut. Thank you Andy, please return soon.

My own introduction to the world of Tibetan Thangka painting took place near the Boudhanath Stupa in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal.

~ Andy Weber

Photo Essay: © 2012 Sue May

Miles from Malibu: Malibu Lagoon Blessing by Dagmola Sakya (video)

Sue May, Editor
Miles From Malibu, Webzine

Produced by My Dog Spot Productions
Directed by Sue May

(To make the video large push the arrow icon at the lower right-hand corner within the video.)

**MFM is calculated from Malibu City Hall to a location, event, person, etc. in and around, and out of Malibu. Malibu is 21-miles long and approx. 5-miles deep – so don’t let the numbers fool you!

Miles from Malibu: Sakya Family in Malibu 2012, Photo Essay

Dagmola Sakya & Family w/Friends in Malibu 2012

A very special thank you to Dagmola and the Sakya family for visiting Malibu. Thank you to Malibuites Carol Moss, for hosting and so much more, and Bibi Jordan for photographing the Sakya family.

Photo Essay Credit: Bibi Jordan and Sue May

(Full Screen: Push the arrows in the lower right hand corner to activate.)

Surf, Sun and Tibetan Royalty

January 22, 2012 | From the Editor’s Desk

Malibuite Bibi Jordan traveled 87.2 Miles From Malibu to the charming Rancho Embarcadero Community Center in Goleta. There  Bibi interviewed Her Eminence Jaymang Dagmola Sakya, a Tibetan Princess and rare female Tibetan Buddhist teacher of the Sakya lineage.  The Princess was warm and inviting, and known to her friends as “Dagmola.”

It’s been over two years since Dagmola last visited the Southland.  This trip is particularly special since her two grandsons will be visiting in Malibu later in the week. The Sakya sect is over a thousand years old, and Dagmola’s grandsons are the newest generation in training to insure the lineage remains unbroken.

Dagmola is a wife, mother, grandmother and author of “Princess in the Land of Snows: The Life of Jamyang Sakya in Tibet,” with the forward by H. H. the Dalai Lama. (For more information on Dagmola’s fascinating life see the Seattle Times article here.)

Sue May, Editor

Also see “Tibetan Princess Shares Teaching in Malibu Home” if you’d like to meet Dagmola.

Bibi Jordan is a MFM guest creative, an accomplished photographer, author, and journalist.


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